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Some of us believe that understanding can empower us all, bringing freedom ...and joy.  The Internet can provide us the education to make that happen.  The free public information available by the Internet, if appropriately organized and presented, can provide us core understanding of our world and ourselves, the ability to mold ourselves to find pleasure and true freedom of thought and action.

Ancient peoples had to wait to see a rainbow!  Now the Internet can provide on demand experiences, often virtual, not available to more primitive peoples, including long distance communication, a global perspective, pornography and much more.  But we must ask if we are better for this?  Just seeing a rainbow doesn't automatically bring understanding, wisdom, or the joy of experiencing beauty.  For many people the thrill of an experience may be sufficient.  But in the past a few did gain understanding, wisdom, or appreciation from their experiences.  Modern culture is the product of those people.  This site is devoted to assisting us all gain understanding, wisdom, joy, ...and other useful skills.

Physicists have been described as people who are interested in everything.  But here the Physics emphasizes the most valuable core ideas.  And the Chemistry presents that different perspective spawned from one of the ancient mystical arts.  Along the way you should gather insights how our minds work.  (For those details, wander over to the Biochemistry section to find more about our nervous system, senses, and mind.Here we share the joy and beauty, understanding and freedom often experienced by scientists.  Enjoy!


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the Chemical Elements

dot    Chemical Elements: their Discovery and Names
bullet    Women who Discovered Chemical Elements

bullet    Development of the Periodic Chart


virtual QuarkNet

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dot   2003 Summer QuarkNet Workshop at SLAC
dot   Cosmic Muon Detector, a QuarkNet eLab Project


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dot    Essential Learning Requirements for Chemistry

Essays (opinion pieces)

dot    Learning to be Innovative
dot    creative thinking: Calandra's Barometer Story
dot    coming Education REVOLUTION: globalization
dot    Global Education: some pieces
dot    Big Picture: what education should be
dot    Curricula content
dot    What is Love?  the pinnacle of Biochemistry!
dot    Early learning learn & to Love
dot    When Protection becomes Censorship
dot    Teacher's National Nightmare
dot    Status of Public Education in America

dot    God verses the atheists: The nature of science
dot    The Knowing of Science and Religion
dot    Science and Religion: How Understanding Works
dot    Cultural Values Necessary for Science
dot    Tragedy of Hitler and Bush: Success of Models
dot    Observation and the Senses
dot    Dialogue on Colored Vision
dot    Primary Colors: Not
dot    Speculation on Why Sleep
dot    Speculation on Human Memory
dot    Clothing: Advantage of a Remote Perspective
dot    Landscaping: Preferences of a Mind
dot    Letting Down One's Hair: meanings


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