Dave Trapp

Chemistry, Physics History & Instruction; Lab Safety

192 Quail's Roost Road
Sequim, WA 98382
e-mail: dtrapp@mac.com
Web site: SequimScience.com


B.A. Education; Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 1965
B.A. Chemistry (physics & math minors); Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 1965

post graduate work (excluding typical education courses):

studied history of science
at Western Washington University Bellingham, WA summer session 1965
at Oregon State University Corvallis, OR summer session 1966
MA. in Chemistry (1, 3) Washington State University Pullman, WA 1995

Institute & Workshop Participant:

(1) Funded by NSF.    (2) Funded by DOE.     (3) Partial funding by Sequim School District;     (4) Funded by WA DOH;     (5) Funding by State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Washington Science Teachers Association,

Professional Memberships

National Education Association life member since 1967
National Science Teachers Association life member since 1967
Washington Science Teachers Association
American Chemical Society
Division of Chemical Education
Division of the History of Chemistry
American Association of Physics Teachers

Professional Responsibilities

Sequim Education Association

Representative Council member 1983-97, 99-present
Secretary 1966-68
President 1968-69, 1982-83
Salary chair & negotiations commission member for dozen terms
Negotiator 1985-87, 90-92
Treasurer 2002-03

Sequim School District

Faculty council, science representative 4 terms
District Science Curriculum co-chair (first draft) 1972-73
District Science Curriculum chair (first revision) 1983-84
District policies committee: SEA representative 1986-87, 1988-89
District Futures committee 1986-87
District Supervisor for Student Job Training at Battelle NW, Sequim Marine Lab 1979-81
Science Department Chair 1991-92, 1994-97
District Science Curriculum (high school representative) 1995-97
Chemical Hygiene Officer 1994-2002
High School Accreditation Committee (surveys of graduates, Running start, employers) 1999-2001

Washington Science Teachers Association

1996 Fall Conference Planning Committee member 1995-1996

Washington State Institute for Public Policy

Advisory committee for Study for Legislature on High School Educational Reform 2000-2001

QuarkNet (bringing high energy physics to high school teachers; partially funded by NSF & DOE)

fellow of LHC-MasterClass group (providing annual science experience for physics students), 2007-currently
co-lead teacher, virtual QuarkNet (for teachers distant from QuarkNet research institutions), 2007-currently
fellow of Leadership group, 2009-currently

Teaching Experience:

High School chemistry Sequim High School 1965-2002
High School physics Sequim High School 1966-1996, 1997-2002
physical science, environmental science, biology, AP chem, AP physics, math as needed
Physics Teaching Methods for Western Washington State U. at Sequim 1971 Winter Quarter
Cougar Summer Science Camp Chem. Dept. Washington State University 1991, 1992, 1996

Professional Presentations and Workshops:


Interactive hypermedia using "HyperStudio"
Origins of Element Names: Apple IIgs version, Journal of Chemical Education: Software Vol IVA, #1, 1991
Crystal Lattice: Apple IIgs version, Journal of Chemical Education: Software Vol IVA, #2, 1991, Macintosh shareware 1996
Historical Development of the Periodic Chart: Apple IIgs shareware, 1992
Science Web site: http://www.SequimScience.com, now hosted by Apple Computer at URL: http://homepage.mac.com/dtrapp/, on web 1997 to present.  The site presently includes:
much enlarged Elements: their Discovery and Names: 2000-2001, NSTA SciLinked since 2002

Historic Development of the Periodic Chart 2002, NSTA SciLinked since 2002
internet-provided, experiment-based science instruction (under development):
ie-physics, Expt. VI-3 selected 1 of 10 winners 2004 AAAS/Subaru Lesson Writing Competition
ie-chemistry and
ie-physical science
other essays on science
math tools
sample calenders of assignments for chemistry and physics
sample tests
past grade summaries and details
Additional products: creation and maintenance of the web site and web store for Graysmarsh Farm

Major Award:

WSTA Washington Secondary Science Teacher of Year 1996


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