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The technology is ready for a revolution in global education as important as the advent of the printing press.  The world, including third world countries, is rapidly gaining access to technology which has the potential of providing intellectual freedom and dramatically improve living standards for most of the peoples on Earth.  We now await for creative educators to first find optimum ways to provide effective education via the the new computer, Internet and communications technologies and then to translate the world's cultures and scientific understanding for distribution using that technology and those educational techniques.

Potentially many of the difficulties currently facing education around the world can be bypassed.  For example most of the world lacks the numbers of specialized teachers needed to provide superb education to all via the current world's educational institutions.  The new technologies have the potential of mass distribution of the lessons of the world's brightest, most knowledgeable and skilled educators.  There is the potential to provide world-class instruction both via the existing educational institutions for students who need local motivation and assistance as well as independently to those eager to learn knowledge and skills on their own.

While the current Internet provides the framework to access the knowledge and understanding amassed by the people's of the world, what is needed now is an Internet educational framework to serve as a roadmap or curriculum (or preferably a wide variety of such maps and curricula) guiding learners what should rationally be studied and practiced next.  While earlier attempts to use computers to assist instruction had glaring inadequacies, it is not apparent that the technology is capable of providing for all needed knowledge and skills including the development of creativity and the enjoyment of life.

This web site is a small piece of that framework.  It provides examples of how the technology can provide effective understanding of the most complex of modern science while also developing learning skills and creativity.

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