the ideal year-round family home

location, location, location!
on Bainbridge Island
surrounded by Puget Sound

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Located on one woodland acre in the idyllic quiet neighborhood of Pleasant Beach (so named by the first settlers, ...still applicable) on the southwest shores of Bainbridge Island  ...a short walk from commuter bus, and just 4 miles to Washington State's super ferries to downtown Seattle   ...1 mile south of the hamlet of Lynwood:  Pleasant Beach is one the worlds top places for your family to live while you work on job assignment in Seattle.

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view to south Southern view from front yard of Rich Passage...
a yard only a couple steps from your own private beach
Home viewed from small sailboat
(near high tide)
water view
front yard View from front yard looking NorthWest

Stroll along the beach, work on a suntan, or just watch the pleasure craft, Washington State Ferries or U. S. Navy warships on their way to Bremerton.  While kids might play in the cool waters all day or turn over rocks on the tide flats looking for crab, adults are more likely to prefer boating, digging clams or just watching the bald eagle, sea lions or jumping salmon.  Lynwood offers a number of community conveniences, the Island has numerous good restaurants, and Seattle is only a half hour ferry ride away.

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