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map DT logo I am a chemist, physicist, and science historian living in Sequim Washington, USA.  The logo depicts my small homemade boat, sailing (physics) in front of a periodic chart of the chemical elements.  Sequim is located between the Olympic Mountains (background) and an arm of the Pacific Ocean known as the Strait of Juan de Fuca (foreground).

I guess my passion has always been to understand our world.  As this world gets more populated by humans and made smaller by better transportation and communication, our survival and future will increasingly depend on being one with our environment.  If we understand the world and learn how to take care of it, it will in turn support what our being requires.  I spent 40 years in classrooms at Sequim helping the understanding of local students.  Now I proceed presuming there may be ways to help others elsewhere via the World Wide Web.

While I use other computer platforms when necessary, Apple's Macintosh computers seems better suited (in fact a pleasure) for developing this web site.  The apple and tag line think different are older logos of Apple Computer.
Think Different But there is also a concept from physics embedded in the expression think different.  The concept of entropy suggests that all change, including life, is due to entropy differences.  It is the differences in the world which generate creativity.  Efforts to conform and make everything the same stifle life and creativity, including science.  So the phrase is given as a challenge to resist conformity, be creative, and try to improve the world we share.

other gems

I suppose this is the preferred location to write any tidbits of understanding I've encountered.  I've been blessed receiving several which don't seem to fit well sorted with the other science and history:

Finally to you, my dear reader:  I offer this entire web site to you as a mechanism of free gratis, public education, for your enlightenment and joy.  May you find pleasure and joy to fill you life to the brim.

dave trapp



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