SLAC QuarkNet Workshop

19 June - 3 July 2003




# name subject, school, location   # name subject, school, location   # name subject, school, location
1 Molly Uhl Notre Dame HS, San Jose
SLAC lead teacher
  10 I-Heng McComb science, math at Monta Vista HS, Cupertino   19 Peter Herreshoff geometry, algebra 2, analysis at Gunn HS, Palo Alto
2 Thomas Glanzman SLAC mentor   11 Earl Roske Leland HS, San Jose
SLAC lead teacher
  20 Douglas Spalding math, physical science at Royal Sunset HS, Hayward
3 Willy Langeveld SLAC mentor   12 Tom Woosnam physics at Crystal Springs, Hillsborough   21 Ken Newbery Foothill HS, Pleasanton
SLAC lead teacher
4 Haarvey Lynch SLAC mentor   13 David Lau AP math, physics, Mission San Jose HS, Fremont   22 Abi Soffer SLAC mentor
5 Rafale Navarro physics at Morse HS, San Diego   14 Dylan Rich Palo Alto Prep School, Palo Alto, CA   23 Brian Martin pre-engineering, physics at Thurgood Marshall Academic HS, SanFrancisco
6 Lynda Nicholson 7th grade math, science at Charter School of Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill   15 Julie Hubbard eartHScience, physical science, chemistry, physics at Liberty HS, Brentwood   24 Dave Trapp physical science, chemistry, physics at Sequim HS, Sequim WA
7 John Currie eartHScience, physical science, chemistry, physics at Mt. Tahoma HS, Tacoma WA   16 Helen Quinn SLAC mentor   25 Gene Csider San Ramon Valley HS, Danville
SLAC lead teacher
8 Lisa Breton California High School, San Ramon, CA   17 James Marshall life science, physical science at A. Castillero MS, San Jose   26 Jennifer Docktor SULI student
9 Travis Hambleton AP chemistry, college prep. chemistry at Monta Vista HS, Cupertino   18 Keith Geller regular and AP C physics at Palo Alto HS, Palo Alto   27 Manuel Reyes SULI student
not pictured: Patricia Burchat
SLAC mentor


Record of Cosmic Ray Telescope construction project.

Group and candid photographs by Diana Rogers, SLAC photographer.


Physics Links

Carl (Rod) Nave's Hyperphysics concept maps
John Bahcall's neutrino mass
Andy Foland's Cloud Chamber
Sarah Church's astrophysics
Max Tegmark's cosmic microwave background
Larry Wai's SLAC group K: GLAST
GLAST site
SSRL welcome page
pentaquark site
drDAQ interface equipment
Particle Data Group's Particle Adventure
Quarknet at Fermi Lab
Molly Uhl's SLAC-Quarknet page


CERN particle track guide

Bubble Chamber photographs

Top Quark

egs high-energy particle simulator

Cosmic Rays


(in development

by QuarkNET teachers)

Photographs from Summer 2003 Workshop

views around Stanford campus
SLAC linear accelerator


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