Introductory Physical Science

at Sequim High School

Dave Trapp, Instructor


Course Description  The goal is to prepare every student for life in the adult (as opposed to protective childhood) real world, where one needs to survive material hazards and be useful and productive (in contrast to the lack or real consequences in virtual reality games or the artificial grades of academic settings).  This is a laboratory course with student skills and understanding built on a succession of experiences with the materials of the real world.  The best way to understand the course is to study the calendars describing each day of the course.

Assignment Calendar Archive

Development of this web page was part of much broader efforts to investigate the value of a local web site to support the teaching of chemistry and physics.  Those effort have been substantially redirected with the author's reassignment.  Between 2000 and 2002 downloadable Physical Science calendars were available as pdf files.  No calendar was available for first quarter 1998-1999 due to school renovation which temporarily disrupted Internet connection.  A posting of current grades and assignment records by secret student ID number is no longer available.

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