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For over three decades the author offered Advanced Physics to qualified students as an independent study course.  The course has been a volunteer task of the instructor.  So there has been no cost to the District or school (such as salary), except for a couple new textbooks every decade or two, and the few consumable supplies already in stock for other classes.  Over the years we have been able to use several grants to purchases a few pieces of advanced equipment.

The author is no longer teaching chemistry or physics.  Read why.

The goal of the course was to provide instruction equivalent to either type first year college physics including the associated laboratory activities typically provided by separate college registration.  The intent is to provide adequate guidance, testing, and instruction upon request for a diligent student to obtain a successful score on the Spring AP test.

Generally prospective students are cautioned that frequent discussions about such AP courses with university faculty have found that those faculty have noticed that often students who have taken such AP courses at other high schools do less well in subsequent college science courses than should be expected.  While there is no known research on this matter, it is plausible that college students gain motivation and inspiration from their peers who are struggling to gain skills and understand common course content.  Such intense collegial motivation is believed to be responsible for much of the superb achievement by students at Ivy League and similar prestige universities.  That "full life" intense concentration on the course of study would be lacking when a student attempts to study independently, just as it would be lacking for students who commute to university but live at home.  Having provided this caution, we enthusiastically offered AP Physics.

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