Mathematics Used by Science
That which you persist in doing becomes easy to do - not that the nature of the thing has changed, but your power and ability to do has increased.      H.J. Grant


Some aspects of the world are mathematical.  Science utilizes several to describe and understand material substances.  Learning the mathematics makes you a more skilled and competent person and helps you understand the world.

Note:  The short byline is an attempt to give a hint about the wider significance of each skill; each illustrates a mathematical technique to deal with a different difficult aspect of our world.


dot  Significant Figures: Truth in Measurement
dot  Histograms: Visualizing Measurements
dot  Line graphs: Finding Patterns in Measurements
dot  Scientific Notation:  Working with large and small numbers
dot  Atoms & Moles: Accounting for the Unobservable
dot  Molarity: Concentration of Molecular Intensity
dot  Reaction Rates: Putting Value on What Changes
dot  Equilibrium Constants: Steadfast Among Everything Variable  (page under construction)
dot  pH: Managing Vast Variations  (page under construction)
dot  EMF: Assigning Potential to Change
dot  Half Life: How Rapid the Approach to Infinity
Maria Chernenko's : ΣquPlus has equations, constants, SI Units, symbols and conversions


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