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Determining the Orbit of Mars


  1. Print each of the following photographs of the sky and each map as the same scale on semitransparent paper.
  2. Using the relevant star map, align the pattern of stars in the photograph with their known mapped locations.
  3. Identify Mars on each photograph.  It is the bright object in the photograph that is NOT on the map because Mars does not have a fixed location compared to the stars.
  4. Use the ecliptic (annual path of the sun) and the scale (degrees from the Vernal Equinox) to determine and record the direction to Mars on that date.
Mars I plate star map I
Mars J plate star map J
Mars K plate star map K
Mars L plate star map L
Mars M plate star map M
Mars N plate star map N
Mars O plate star map O
Mars P plate star map P
  1. Now that you have made all the needed measurements, proceed to step 6.



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