Sample Histogram


The Task

Construct a histogram of the measurements in the table below.

Table:  Various Store Prices for selected DVDs
Title Price         Title Price
Moulin Rouge $23.85   Back in U.S. Live $20.05
$15.07 $17.87
$24.89 $17.49
$19.40 $19.99
Grease $21.15 Wizard of Oz $20.52
$15.74 $15.88
$19.74 $19.98
$22.10 $20.29
$17.22 $17.99
$20.74 $18.34
Sound of Music $18.00 $21.23
$23.99 $18.99

The sample histogram below illustrates how the frequency of the data is related to one variable, in this case: price.  Later more elaborate graphs will look for patterns comparing two or more variables.

sample histogram

Again, the purpose of a graph is to make apparent any patterns in the numbers.  This graph shows that popular DVDs do not all sell for the same price.  They range in price from $15 to $25 with the most common price, the mode, being about $20.


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