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High Energy Physics Resources

Large Hadronic Collider
research using the highest energy manmade collisions


Large Hadronic Collider (news, basic information & activities)


Resources for those wanting to know more Teacher Resources
virtual LHC center MasterClass lesson package
learning to identify particles
virtual QuarkNet student blogs and videos
      photos of virtual QuarkNet students tour of FermiLab;   see below
      photos documenting LHC startup party, 10 Sept. 2008;   see below
      all photo albums by virtual QuarkNet members
      U-Tube video of group and their project
      U-Tube video interviews at pajama party
other LHC Student blogs and videos elsewhere
virtual QuarkNet Wiki
collaboration center for physics teachers

Cosmic Rays
research of the highest known energy collisions


Cosmic Rays  (news, basic information & activities)

Basic Science Resources
Resources for those wanting to know more
ie-Physical Science introduction to the physical sciences
ie-Chemistry the central science ...to today's cutting edge
ie-Physics physics ..understanding our whole universe
Chemical Elements: their Discovery and Names
Historical Development of the Periodic Chart

Photos from virtual QuarkNetters at FermiLab

Click on photos to link to albums of 104 photos of FermiLab tour and LHC startup pajama party:
FermiLab tour
starting tour at Wilson Hall
on BBC
virtual group as part of BBC broadcast
blogging to document the startup festivities
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