concept reinforcement quiz 1


The purpose of this page is to help you understand kinematics and develop related skills.  Be prepared to answer or do all the following:

DEFINITIONS (often a formula will do!)

  1. Define speed:

  2. Define acceleration:

  3. What does Δ mean in physics?



For problems, the ANSWERS are NOT IMPORTANT!  But it is very useful to develop the ability to use known information to calculate or predict other valuable information.  For such problems you need to identify which formula or mathematical equation to use.  Note what information is given and what information is sought.  Try to find a formula that relates the given with the unknown desired information.
  1. Once you have found a useful formula, write down the formula;
  2. show the substitution of given (or common) information into the formula;
  3. solved the equation in steps, one step on each line; (e.g., isolate the unknown on one side of the equation.  This stepwise procedure has many benefits including helping to find any inadvertent errors.)
  4. finally give the answer to the correct number of significant figures, and with appropriate units labelled.
If you believe you need more information to solve the problem, such as the number of seconds in an hour, specify additional assumptions that you believe are necessary.

Essays, graphs and equations are common methods for communicating about physics. But there are other effective methods too.


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