Physical Chemistry
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Suggestion:  Linus Pauling (b. 1901 d. 1994) was the only person in history to win two unshared Nobel Prizes.  He became what many consider the most influential chemist of the twentieth century.  The Nobel Commitee awarded Pauling its 1954 Chemistry Prize For research into the nature of the chemical bond . . . and its application to the elucidation of complex substances.  Nobels are usually awarded for a single outstanding discovery.  But Pauling's, by contrast, was a lifetime achievement award for providing us understanding of molecules.

Pauling's alma mater, Oregon State University (a little known agriculture college when he studied there) has provided access to 2,500 manuscript pages, nearly 100 photographs, and more than four hours of audio and video by Pauling.  Instead of studying Molecules here, you could do well studying directly from Pauling using that OSU library special Pauling collection.


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