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Science Faculty

a district cadre of science teaching expertise
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Brad Collins
BS Biology, BS Education (currently teaching Biology & Advanced Biology)

Mark Andrew Lutzenhiser
BA General Science, MS Physics (currently teaching AP Physics B & AP Physics C, Physical Science) 

Isaac Rapelje
BS Biology (currently teaching Biology, Chemistry)

Derrell Sharp
BS Agricultural (currently teaching Agricultural Science, Adv. Ag. Sci., Floral Design, Horticulture, Adv. Horticulture)

Joe Sullivan
BS Biology, MEd (currently teaching Physical Science & Biology) 

Dave Trapp
BA Chemistry, BA Education, MA Chemistry (currently teaching Physical Science and e-Learning)

Info. for teachers

chemistry teachers' page

Chemical Hygiene Plan

    Admin. CH training


dot   Physical Science   (Lutzenhiser)

dot   Physical Science   (Sullivan)

dot  Physical Science   (Trapp)

    Ag Science   (Sharp)

    Horticulture   (Sharp)

dot   Biology   (Sullivan)

dot   Biology   (Collins)

dot   Botany   (Collins)

    Chemistry   (Rapelje)

dot   AP Physics B   (Lutzenhiser)

dot   AP Physics C   (Lutzenhiser)

dot  Archive for Chemistry   (Trapp)

dot  Archive for Physics   (Trapp)

dot  Archive for Advanced Chemistry   (Trapp)

dot  Archive for Advanced Physics   (Trapp)


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