Origins of the Element Names

Elements Named for People

Click the element's name to read about the honored scientist and the element´s discovery and to view photographs:
Atomic #
& Symbol
Element Scientist   Atomic #
& Symbol
Element Scientist
96 Cm Curium Pierre & Marie Curie   103 Lr Lawrencium Ernest Lawrence
99 Es Einsteinium Albert Einstein   104 Rf Rutherfordium Ernest Rutherford
100 Fm Fermium Enrico Fermi   106 Sg Seaborgium Glenn Seaborg
101 Md Mendelevium Dmitri Mendeleev   107 Bh Bohrium Niels Bohr
102 No Nobelium Alfred Nobel   109 M Meitnerium Lise Meitner
  111 Rg Roentgenium Wilhelm Röntgen
  112 Cn Copernicium Nicholas Copernicus
Two other elements were named for minerals which previously had been named for people.
Atomic #
& Symbol
Element Mineral Engineer   Atomic #
& Symbol
Element Chemist
62 Sm Samarium V.E. Samarski-Bykhovets   64 Gd Gadolinium Sir Johan Gadolin


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