the ideal year-round family home

location, location, location!
on Bainbridge Island
surrounded by Puget Sound


The family members who grew up here appreciate the fabulous experiences Pleasant Beach and Bainbridge Island provided.  They have vowed to keep and maintain that.  In a world filled with rush and turmoil, we believe you will find this a place of beauty, relaxation, and countless available activities which provides a comforting, memorable foundation for venturing back out into the world.

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picnic Our family picnics on snacks on the front lawn  Tide flows in and out twice daily, an hour later each day, with maximum sea level changes of over 12 feet.  Here the tide is out.

While the beaches are technically private property, it is common to stroll along the beach greeting neighbors.  The lightly driven road is very popular for daily walks and jogs.
Its just a couple steps (10 on the north side, 4 on the south) from the front yard to the beach.  The low bank and unique curved bulkhead allow easy access even during normal high tides to a beach second to none.  The beach is a giant sandbox, ideal for kids of all ages to play, explore, and learn. beach
beach There are rocks of all sizes and kinds to throw or collect.  And smooth patches of sand are relatively secluded for Summer sunbathing.  When young, we collected sea-smoothed colored glass as various currency for playing store.  While our parents dug clams for dinner we'd look under rocks for crab and other interesting creatures.  Later we collected and classified many diverse shells.
boating Enjoying the beach and water...
Facing the southwest, the beach receives the Sun's afternoon and evening warmth and light.  The beach is sheltered from the prevailing fair weather wind out of the North making it a comfortable place to relax and play.

The waterway is sheltered enough to moor your boat out front.  Even during maximim ebb and flow, the tidal current near the beach doesn't hamper small boating.  This location is perfect for living on Puget Sound!  You'll find none better.
romance of a colorful sunset

Amazingly, we have no photographs of many hours spent around an evening bonfire on the beach, often accompanied by smores.
boating new August moon setting in the West

Sitting on the beach with one's back to the bulkhead still warm from the afternoon sun, it is sometimes so quiet one can almost decipher conversations drifting nearly a mile across the water.

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 Driving Distances

Winslow (ferry to Seattle)
4 miles / 10 min.

  Clearwater Casino
9 miles / 19 min.

  Poulsbo (big box stores)
15 miles / 30 min.

  Silverdale (Kitsap mall)
24 miles / 39 min.

  Bremerton (naval ship yard)
34 miles / 55 min.

  Kingston (ferry to Edmonds & north)
18 miles / 36 min.

  quaint Port Townsend
50 miles / 80 min.

60 miles / 85 min.

Port Angeles (ferry to Victoria, BC)
75 miles / 110 min.

  ski Hurricane Ridge
98 miles / 165 min.

  Rain Forest
160 miles / 240 min.

  Pacific Ocean
180 miles / 210 min.


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