the ideal year-round family home

location, location, location!
on Bainbridge Island
surrounded by Puget Sound


This home was lovingly designed and built by a long time Puget Sound family.  One great-grandfather helped construct the main home at the famed Buchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.  Another grandfather built several fine homes for family members in Ballard.  Following that tradition of excellence, this waterfront home was built to quietly meet family needs and facilitate enjoying the blessings of living at Pleasant Beach.  The finest Island professionals were hired to help with the construction.  While never intended to be ultramodern, it was designed to be timeless then built to the highest standards using the best materials and methods available: extensive oak floors (plus stone and cork!), real plaster walls, real woodwork, and rare pumice block exterior walls with high R value.  We have renovated appliances and fixtures to maintain that tradition.  While it isn't ostentatious or extravagant, we believe you will find it serves well the support functions of a well designed and built beachside abode.

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living room Living room offers armchair view of the constantly changing beach and waterway.  (rented substantially unfurnished)
beauty and constantly changing view even on a stormy Winter's day...

The home is well insulated, remaining cosy while storms rage outside.
living room
back yard park-like back yard...
The lot has 100 feet of waterfront and 300 feet of depth
so the home is well away from the lightly traveled road.
The lot to the north is undeveloped, mostly woods
and the home to south is screened by a hedge and fence
View front yard and beach while working in the kitchen.
(Electrical appliances include dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, microwave, oven and hot water tap.   The large utility room includes washer and dryer and more storage.)
living room
living room Additional counter and cabinets are left of this photograph.

There is a nearly full basement including recreation room with fireplace, pool table, and project area.

Park in an attached double garage and in additional spaces along a driveway circle.
Wake in the morning to view of a ferry passing the master bedroom. bedroom
bedroom Two other large bedrooms view the back yard
and have plenty of closet and storage space.

Below is larger of two bathrooms.
bathroom bathroom

As another second generation neighbor put it: Our parents travelled to many other places, but decided this is the best place on earth to live.  On a typical quiet day you can listen to the chatter of a bald eagle, watch a resident Blue Heron fishing for lunch or study the constantly changing wind patterns on the water.  This place is a constantly changing tapestry, a delight to one's senses, yet a calming influence on one's mind.

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